I was born in Athens in 1990. As a kid, I was terrible at soccer but good with words. The former was evident to all, while the latter was something I used to hide — more often than not, it’s easier to hide your strengths than your weaknesses. In the meantime, I was dreaming of becoming a physicist because the world seemed too interesting to remain undiscovered; the world was too complicated, I was too curious, and we got along nicely the two of us. 

In 2013 I graduated with distinction from the school of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences of the National Technical University of Athens. My original plan was to fulfil my dreams of becoming a physicist but I graduated as a mathematician with specialization in engineering instead. My life’s plan took an unexpected turn, as it often happens to plans which have the nerve to look the future in the eye.

A year later, I enrolled as a PhD student at the University of Strathclyde, in Scotland. Computational simulation of stent graft devices for abdominal aortic aneurysms… colloquially: go figure. The bottom line was that life was good, apart from the weather (Glasgow has 1216 hours of sunshine annually, while Athens has 2773, but who’s counting).

In 2018 I became a Doctor and worked as a post-doctoral researcher of cardiovascular devices, while in 2022 I started a new career as a Data Analyst, still hoping for a sunnier future — I do not imply brighter. 

Along with science, art was always accompanying me; as a calling, a true love, a way to dig deeper in search of what is actually out there. In the past I used to draw, now I am dancing Argentine tango, yet the one thing I never stopped doing was writing.

I’ve written children’s stories since I was a child, along with verses, teenage poems, then sketches of novels, my first completed novel… One creation followed the next and by the time I graduated from high school I decided it was about time to start sharing my art; i.e. to get exposed.

I was published in online poetry magazines, I was awarded a distinction in the 27th Delphic poetry competition (2012), I participated in creative writing workshops and, with time, I started finding my voice, which is to say, I managed to express more by saying less.

In 2015, my first picture book, The soup of wisdom, was published by Metaichmio Publications and in 2019 my picture book Christmas dream was published by Martis Publishing. A year later, my debut novel The guillotine of Nafplio, Kedros Publishers, reached the bookshelves of bookstores in the midst of the Covid-19 lockdown, and in 2022, my latest picture book, The magic field, Martis Publishing, was released.

In the meantime, I keep writing children’s stories, novels, lyrics, and spoken word poetry; in Greek, as always, but not exclusively. Brand new English stories are also in the making. Stay tuned! 


As the story goes, when Queen Victoria read Alice in Wonderland, she was thoroughly impressed and asked the author to send her a copy of his next book. Yet Lewis Carroll, apart from being a wonderful storyteller, was also a mathematician. The outcome? The signed copy he sent to Her Majesty was a book of algebra…

For anyone who wishes to get a glimpse of the surprise the Queen experienced, they are very welcome to have a look at my scientific work:

Evaluation of a New Approach for Modeling Full Ring Stent Bundles with the Inclusion of Manufacturing Strains

A Methodology to Quantify the Geometrical Complexity of the Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Analysing The Cross-Section of The Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Neck and Its Effects on Stent Deployment

Efficiently Simulating an Endograft Deployment: A Methodology for Detailed CFD Analyses